Superfoods – What You Need to Know About Superfoods and Their Incredible Powers

We have all heard about superfoods, the latest craze in dieting that has everyone in Hollywood raving over their amazing, almost magical powers. Among these are long-time favorites like longer life, better health, beauty, weight loss, and even happiness, but how do we really know whose advice we should follow. Are superfoods really the team of superheroes that have finally come down to save humans from years of bad eating habits and total disconnection from the environment?

The term ‘superfoods’ has been around since the 80’s but did not really become a household word until the last few years. Their ‘super’ status came about because these foods contain an unusually large concentration of powerful elements like fiber, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. These nutrients, in the right proportions, are vital to maintaining a balance which will keep one healthy and thriving for years to come.

Superfoods can generally be broken down into 2 different categories: common and exotic. The common superfoods are those that are readily available at your local supermarket or kitchen. Salmon, broccoli, kale, oats, almonds, dark chocolate, and blueberries among others make up that group. The exotic superfoods are less known as they are harder to find since they typically grow in remote, exotic locations. Some of the foods in this group include: goji berry, quinoa, acai, and pomegranate. You may not have heard of them depending on where you are. However, they produce amazing benefits to the body a very short amount of time when taken in the right proportions. The trick is to understand why we need them, how to prepare them for optimal results, and where to find them.

The list of benefits we stand to gain by incorporating superfoods into our regular diet is a long one. Not only can we improve our overall health and wellness, but superfoods also helps in preventing diseases and treating existing conditions. A solid understanding of the foods we eat and their effects on the human body is crucial to anyone looking to improve their health condition with lasting results.

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