Safety Concerns of Hair Dryers

While hair dryers have come a long way in terms of their safety features, they can still be very dangerous. When purchasing a new dryer, you should always read the manual to understand the features along with any important safety information. It’s also good to know when the right time to replace it is. After prolonged use, dust can get into the dryer and create a fire hazard. It can be a good safety practice to replace them every few years.

If you have children, you should always use caution when drying their hair. The device can become extremely hot, especially if held close to the scalp. It does not take long to burn a child’s scalp. It’s generally a good idea to let their hair air dry whenever possible to reduce the risk of injury. If you are drying long hair, you have to make sure that none of it gets up in to the fans. This can painfully pull the hair right out of your head. Many modern dryers are designed in such a way to prevent this from occurring.

You should always be extremely careful when using hair dryers around water. The slightest mistake can pose the risk of electric shock and death. Some units come equipped with an immersion safety feature to prevent electrocution. To be completely safe, avoid drying your hair around water. Like any electric device, you will want to avoid use during a thunderstorm, when lightning could be in the air.

Another safety concern you should be aware of is that hair dryers emit an electromagnetic field. Some researchers have concluded that high exposure to electromagnetic fields can cause cancer. This is probably not a finding that should prevent you from using a dryer. If used properly, you should not have any safety concerns when drying your hair.

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