Original Ambush Perfume – A Timeless Scent

Launched over fifty years ago, the original Ambush Perfume created by the House of Dana continues to dominate the market with its elegant smell and sweet aura of confidence. It’s timeless scent enhances the personality and beauty of women who wear this fragrance everyday.

The perfume is recommended for casual and daytime wear; it has a pleasant and dainty smell that will make you feel alive and energetic the whole day. The people around you will also feel delighted to have you around as you will be exuding an aura of loveliness which can make any day pleasing and special. This gentle ambiance and positive vibration has a good effect on everyone especially if you are in a working environment.

The scent is made from plants and flowers that are known to give off attractive fragrances; some of the floral ingredients include jasmine, lavender, patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood. The essential oils derived from the lavender and jasmine flowers have a particularly charming appeal as these are some of nature’s most lovely scents. The additional blend of oakmoss, patchouli and sandalwood which has earthy and woody qualities also gives the perfume a distinct aroma that distinguishes it from other ordinary scents. Moreover, the perfume is also incorporated with fruity elements of oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes. These other essences strike a balance with the floral components to produce a truly unique blend of fragrance.

These are sold in stylish bottles and chic packaging at very reasonable prices. You can choose from the Eau de Toilette kinds or cologne types of blends. The Eau de toilette perfumes usually last longer because of its thick concentration and more preserved essences; it is also pricier compared to the cologne types. But whatever the type you choose, this will be great for personal use or for gift-giving to friends and loved ones.

It’s no wonder that this perfume has stood the test of time; it’s long lasting effect and eternal qualities have gained the respect and admiration of women who continue to use them to this day. And as new generations of perfume lovers discover the scent of the original Ambush perfume, it will leave a mark in history as one of the most loved fragrances that has ever been created.

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