Japanese Skin Care – The Secrets of Phytessence Wakame

Japanese skin care is a form of natural skin care that utilizes the power of phytessence wakame – one of the healthiest plants known to man.

Phytessence wakame is kelp found in the Japanese sea. This seaweed plant has amazing properties. It contains one of the highest sources of antioxidants found in nature and over 30 vitamins.

Wakame kelp is used by the Japanese as a food source and as a herbal medicine. Researches found something interesting when studying Japanese life expectancy. Not only are they the longest lived on the planet, but people who actively consumed phytessence wakame, live far longer and healthier lives than people who did not.

Now in Japan, most people consume wakame, at least on a semi regular basis. It’s in snacks, foods, side dishes, etc. It’s pretty much unavoidable in the Japanese diet. Wakame is even used in a wide array of Japanese skin car products.

This amazing kelp is one of the great secretes to Japanese youth. It’s not uncommon to see a Japanese man or women and guess their age at 20 or more years younger than they actually are. Now, some of this does come down to genetics, but many Japanese people regularly consume and use phytessence wakame as a skin care product to look younger and as a healthy food source..

The west can learn a great deal from the Japanese in this regard. More and more health food companies are catching on the powerful benefits of this healthy seaweed, and are starting to create kelp pills, and other kelp extracts available to the western market. There is a lot we can learn from Japanese skin care.

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