GDI: A Network Marketing Home Run or Dud?

Over the last several years, there has been a lot of hype and excitement surrounding a company that is based upon selling domains with ending. It seems strange that such a product would be in such high demand, but lo and behold, GDI, or Global Domains International, is one of the giants in the network marketing world. From the perspective of somebody who is not an affiliate of the company, this definitely is an opportunity worth considering. Here’s why.

GDI stands out among most network marketing companies by offering something drastically unique, and that is web domain hosting. See, 90% of network marketing or MLM companies are in the health, beauty, and nutrition niche. A few years ago, health and beauty was an economically viable industry, but then the recession hit. No longer could people afford to stay on a $150 monthly product shipment from a traditional skin care company.

Products like web domain hosting, though, are different. Web domains are relatively inexpensive, and people are very unlikely to consider dropping their website when the time comes to cut corners. Simply put, I believe that many of the customers that one can acquire in this opportunity will stay for a long time and work to promote growth.

There’s another big reason why I think GDI is such a wise opportunity to consider. Many MLM companies have very strict compliance policies regarding using the internet to market their products and services. With an online opportunity like GDI, though, consultants are actually given several fun and exciting replicated websites that they can use to promote their opportunity.

Also, the barrier to entry is very low. The cost is free for 7 days, and then it is only $10 after that. Very few prospective customers will have difficulty affording the product.

The only problem that I have with the entire opportunity is the compensation plan. While a five level unilevel is definitely a solid plan, affiliates are only paid $1 per signup in their downline. It can take a lot of work to get a signup, and I believe that the reward should be much more than one measly dollar.

GDI may be a good way to earn a modest income online. To get instant access to my business blueprint, which explains exactly how to earn more than a ‘modest’ income using the internet, just click the link below.

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