Coffee Beauty Aids

Many of us rely on a cup coffee to get our day underway and although fabulous to drink, coffee has also has many other uses. Never discard your used coffee grounds, as there’s a host of different ways to utilise them. Use your grounds in the garden, around the house and even for skin care.

Coffee is a great addition to any beauty regime and provides great results for the condition and appearance of skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, coffee helps repair damaged skin cells and aids anti-ageing. Homemade coffee beauty recipes can also save you a fortune as we all know that branded creams, lotions and potions can be expensive. Try this recipe for homemade coffee exfoliating scrub.

Exfoliation forms part of many our daily routines, removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh new skin beneath. I believe that coffee makes the best exfoliating scrub. As coffee contains caffeine it has benefits not shared by other exfoliants. Coffee body scrubs are invigorating, helping you to wake on those difficult mornings. The caffeine in coffee is also vasorestrictive, meaning it shrinks blood vessels. This helps improve the appearance of varicose and thread veins. Coffee can also help redistribute fat beneath the surface of the skin, to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Try recycling your coffee grounds in this simple coffee exfoliating scrub recipe to leave your skin revitalised, dewy and baby soft.

What you’ll need:Coffee grounds, Olive or jojoba oil as liquid base

The above recipe is for normal skin types. Apricot kernel oil is recommended for oily skin and if you suffer from acne or inflamed skin opt for anti-inflammatory oil such as soy or grape seed as your liquid base.

How to prepare: Mix 2 parts coffee grounds with 1 part liquid base (the oil that best represents your skin type) in a jar and stir thoroughly with a spoon.

How to use: Apply to the face and body using circular motions. Leave for 2-3 minutes then rinse skin thoroughly.

Storage: Keep your homemade coffee exfoliating scrub in the fridge when you are not using it ensuring the jar or container is sealed. Your coffee body scrub should last approximately 4 weeks when stored correctly.

For additional benefits try adding one or more of the following to your coffee exfoliating scrub:

1 Tablespoon finely ground sugar – helps to remove even more dead skin cells

1 Tablespoon finely ground sea salt – helps to tighten and firm the skin

3 drops of Vitamin E – helps to moisturise the skin and improve elasticity

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