Beware of Imitation Organic Cosmetics – Use Only Certified Organic Cosmetics

The organic market has grown exponentially over the last decade. Consumers became aware of the health risks that the use of pesticides and chemicals in food posed and started to buy organic food. Over the last couple of years consumers became aware of the possible health concerns related to beauty products. Organic beauty products have started to gain significant market share and more people are starting to buy organic cosmetics. But let us start at the beginning.

Would you be willing to expose yourself or your loved ones to dangerous chemicals or synthetic products that are known to cause health problems? Your answer is most probably a definite NO. The sad truth is that 99.9 percent of people expose their bodies to a host of chemicals and synthetic products on a daily basis. But how is this possible?

Non-organic beauty products contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients that have been proven to cause health problems. Long term exposure to these chemicals can lead to cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and a number of serious health problems. But why do cosmetic companies use these ingredients?

The reason why beauty product manufactures make use of chemicals and synthetic ingredients is a question of cost. Organic and naturally occurring ingredients are more expensive to use in the manufacturing processes. Some of the chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are used in cosmetic products are by-products created by the industrial industry. Cosmetic companies are able to procure these products at a very low cost and can therefore lower their manufacturing costs and increase their profits.

Unfortunately the cosmetic industry is largely self-regulated and the manufactures of cosmetic products are responsible for ensuring that the products that they sell are safe to use. Companies have been known to add the words “organic” or “natural” to the product labels of products that are not organic or natural in order to improve sales.

This creates a bit of a problem for consumers. You know that organic or natural beauty products are suppose to be safer and should not contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients. So how do you ensure that the product that you buy is truly an organic cosmetic product? One method would be to read the label of the product very carefully. If there are ingredients listed with unpronounceable names or names that sounds as if it could be a chemical, beware.

One of the easier and more reliable methods is to look for certification. If a cosmetic or beauty product is certified as organic by a regulatory body, you can buy the product with peace of mind. Certified organic cosmetics have to meet rigorous standards that apply to the manufacturing of the product, the ingredients used and the impact on the environment that the product will have. Natural organic cosmetics are safer than non-organic cosmetics due to the lack of chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Be an informed consumer and spend your money on certified organic cosmetics and not imitations thereof.

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