Beauty and Makeup Tips For Looking Younger

As women get older, they often do one of two things – either wear more makeup to “cover” the signs of aging, or they wear less, thinking that it will sink in their wrinkles and only make them look older.

The good news is that as you age, it’s not necessary to wear either more or less makeup. If you follow some basic tips, you can wear the same amount of makeup you wore before. The trick is in the planning and application.

First, keep your skin in good condition. This might not seem like a makeup tip, but it definitely is. When you keep your skin supple and smooth, makeup is easier to apply and it will look better on your skin. Foundation won’t sit in the wrinkles, and overall you will look younger.

To keep your skin in good condition, make sure you:

Use a good quality cleanser and wash your face twice a day, perhaps less as you get older. Be sure to change your skin care regimen as your skin ages and it gets drier or changes texture.

Use a good quality wrinkle cream and be consistent in its application. Your skin will benefit from this regular boost of moisture.

Drink plenty of water. We all know how good water is for our bodies and our skin. Your skin will drink in the moisture and its overall condition and texture will improve.

Second, change your makeup regimen as you age. The same foundation and the same eye makeup won’t necessarily flatter you in your 40s or 50s the way it did in your 20s.

Don’t be afraid of color, but be aware that if your skin gets paler or a bit saggy as you age, you will have to be careful applying color. Instead of shying away from it, visit the makeup counter at your favorite department store and ask for some tips. Get a makeover, even. If you want to make a purchase, you can, but you don’t to feel obligated to do so. You are trying to educate yourself.

Third, think about using products that you might have eschewed in your youth. For example, think about adding a concealer under the eyes, or filler on the lips. You might even consider a primer for your foundation. Primers are amazing products that can fill in lines and deep wrinkles first so your foundation goes on a blank (and smooth) canvas. Your makeup looks better as it goes on.

Finally, don’t forget to change things up a bit. While you can wear the same amount of makeup (or even less, or more, it really doesn’t matter), you should consider changing your color picks or types of makeup as you age.

You might find, for example, that you need much more moisture in your skin as you age. In that case, a stick foundation with a lot of moisture added might be a great choice. Or perhaps you have always lined your lips before applying lipstick, but find that now it only accentuates the wrinkles right above your lips. You might decide, then, to skip the liner and just wear lipstick.

Learning how to apply makeup correctly for your aging skin is vital. It can help you look younger and feel better about yourself, if done correctly.

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