Bad Body Odor and How to Avoid It

Not many men will admit it, but we sweat a lot. The average human has 2.6 million sweat glands in their skin, and men have considerably more than women. This isn’t a problem in itself, but for guys like me sweat and the body odors it can cause is an embarrassing issue to discuss.

We may not talk about it, but when we smell it’s not really a secret to others. While my girlfriend loves my soft and sensitive skin, I’ve always felt a little self-conscious around her whenever I think she might smell my body odor. Maybe that’s why men have a reputation for being down and dirty.

The reason why sweating makes you smelly is simple: bacteria eat fluids in our sweat and create the smell as their byproduct. Naturally our body needs to sweat a little to be healthy and keep cool, and because of it men need to clean up even more.

The first and most obvious step is to use a skin cleansing body wash when you bathe. Many guys already have a favorite soap, but in case you don’t: Look for a body cleansing gel specifically made for men’s skin care since we have more pores to cleanse. Try using an exfoliating body scrub to carry off the dead skin and bacteria which cause body odor after a good sweat. This will leave your skin clean and smooth.

Next you’ll want to pick the right deodorant for underarm sweat, which is usually the main culprit of body odor. As with soap, many men already have a favorite scent, although for guys with sensitive skin it can be tricky to pick one. In my experience the only smell worse than body odor itself is when it’s added to fragrance-filled deodorant, which can sting sensitive skin in the armpit.

Until recently I always thought antiperspirant sticks were the best option, since they use aluminum to block sweat in the armpit. But these take a toll on the natural process of the body, blocking sweat without really killing the bacteria which cause body odor. Instead, look for a deodorant which uses natural extracts as antiseptics to the bacteria; the best solution is to look for an aluminum-free, fragrance-free deodorant which will clean and protect the skin.

Finally make sure to keep your skin properly hydrated. Retaining moisture in your skin is especially difficult when you’re sweating more, so always drink plenty of water. And of course don’t forget to tell your friends what they can do to keep their skin clean and healthy too.

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