Are Beauty Contests Objectifying Womanhood?

Societies have uplifted women with admiration since eternity. Women are adored not only for their appealing appearance, but also their seemliness and practical as well as emotional strength. And thus, the beauty of women has always been recognized not just in the form of physical charm but also their skills and competence in all aspects of life. In the last century, this appreciation has transformed into celebratory competitions where women from all parts of the society walk into an arena to display all aspects of their grace and beauty, involving the recognition and evaluation of the participants based on their values and talents.

These beauty contests have greatly encouraged women all over the world to stand with their heads held high, elevating their comfort about their personal individuality. Taking into consideration numerous factors, the assertion that these contests are somehow degrading womanhood is not merely hollow but even absurd. A great proportion of the many beauty pageants held around the globe involve the participation of women who particularly lack comfort and confidence about their appearance, such as pageants only for old women, mothers and over-weighing women etc. This instills in them the necessary intellect that their beauty is far greater than their physical appearance.

Several rounds in beauty contests involve the exhibit of the participants’ indigenous cultures in the form of folk performances and ethnic ramp shows. This encourages women to take pride in their culture and effectively brings them closer to their roots. Moreover, the essence of every beauty contest lies in evaluation of the participants will towards perfection. The idea of competition encourages dedication in women to step closer to idealism, even be charitable, consequently upgrading their womanhood.

Therefore, consideration of beauty contests as a cause of degrade in womanhood is a detestable notion. In spite of the rise of perpetual negative elements in the form of scandals and controversies about the participants and the organizers of the competitions themselves, it is unjust and inappropriate to designate beauty contests as a danger to the grade of present womanhood and to condemn the innocent purpose of uplift of women’s esteem and recognition of their admirable traits. The destructive factors associated with beauty pageants ought not to be seen as a result of flaws present in the contests but rather as dangers to the magnificent soul of their original purpose. Hence, people’s ambition to preserve womanhood needs to be used for getting rid of insecurities in women, subsequently avoiding scandals and controversies as well.

The significance of beauty contests resides in the promotion of women’s capabilities to deal with life competently and the encouragement of their desire to exhibit their admirable traits for appraisal. Beauty contests are not essentially a woman’s sport. There are similar competitions around the planet meant for men. If these contests are not degrading manhood in any way, the critics condemning beauty contests can rest assured that no peril hangs over womanhood due to these well-meant friendly competitions.

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