Ardyss MLM Business – What is Ardyss Life?

Ardyss International is a multi-level marketing company that works in the weight loss and health & beauty markets. They focus on two things: Selling products which will improve your health and beauty, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a better, more attractive body. The other focus is on building the business through growth of a distributor downline.

The products that ArdyssLife sells vary in several different ways. They offer consumable Ardyss products, and they also offer the Ardyss Showcase of body sculptors. The products work in conjunction with each other.

The ArdyssLife cellular nutrition program is their consumable line. They offer a variety of nutritional formula and juice drinks. These formulas are designed to load the body with vitamins and antioxidants while cleansing the body of toxic waste that can harvest inside.

The Ardyss Body Shaper garment line is their other product offering. This is a full line, headlined by the Ardyss Body Magic garment. This is a line of products that resemble the old fashioned corsets worn in the early 1900’s by women. These garments hold the body in a tighter form, showcasing the feminine appearance, while also reshaping the body all together.

The most popular garment is the Body Magic by Ardyss, which holds the body from the shoulders straight through the torso and into the upper thighs. This product will reshape many different accents of the feminine physique. Used in conjunction with the nutrition drinks, the combination will yield results at a very fast rate.

After the consumable product side of the business, there is a second side to the business that allows you to make money. When you become a distributor, you can not only make money by selling the products, but you can also make money by getting other people like yourself to become distributors. This is where the idea of network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) comes into play.

Because this form of marketing is so different, many people believe that Ardyss is an international scam. Ardyss marketing utilizes the power of word of mouth advertising rather than traditional methods such as television, radio, billboards or printed ads. Because they do not spend the big money on those forms of advertising, they share the money with you, the distributor.

Is ArdyssLife a great opportunity? From an outsider’s opinion, network marketing offers tremendous opportunities that other careers just cannot offer. Consumable products can sometimes cause difficulty because they need to be consumed, and often expire. When ordering on an auto ship program, sometimes the products can build up faster than they can be consumed, causing an over abundance of product.

ArdyssLife teaches to market to your warm market first, reaching out to the friends and relatives that are immediately accessible. While this method occasionally works, the network of contacts runs out very quickly. There is a much larger and more targeted market on the internet. Once you master internet marketing, you will see that your reach will extend far beyond anything that your local physical market can provide.

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