A Short History on Makeup

Women’s makeup dates back to the Egyptians, who were first to discover minerals for use as makeup bases. The minerals that they chose, however, were lead and copper, and these substances did more harm than they did good. The mineral makeup used today is healthy for the skin and skin can breathe while it is being worn, even for long periods. In the past, there were many health risks while wearing makeup of any kind. People developed rashes, and got sick from the ingredients used in women’s makeup.

The Food and Drug Administration eventually passed health laws that limited the number of ingredients that could be used in any makeup. The mineral makeup in use today is chemical free and is good for the skin because it leave a radiant glow. Mineral makeup comes in molecular powder form that will not clog pores, which makes it perfect for people with sensitive or non-sensitive skin. People with all skin types can wear mineral makeup with no fear of ill side effects. The mineral makeup of the past contained no protection from the elements. The mineral makeup of today contains SP15 sunblock that keeps harmful UVA and UVB rays away from the skin.

Mineral makeup nourishes the skin by using natural minerals that contain no talc or other substances to irritate the skin. The sun block factors are made from nature’s own titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The colors found in mineral makeup foundations are perfectly natural to each skin type. All colors revitalize the skins surface and leave the skin with a finish that is naturally flawless and totally perfect.

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